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The impact of Greek labour market regulation on temporary employment – evidence from a survey in Thessaly, Greece
The International Journal of Human Resource Management
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Insiders and Outsiders in the Labour Market: The Greek Case
   Insider-outsider theory argues that “insiders” often enjoy more 
favourable employment opportunities than “outsiders”. More specifically, the main 
difference is that insiders have protected jobs while outsiders have temporary 
positions in formal or informal employment or are unemployed. Hence, insiders 
have bargaining power and demand high wages while there are unemployed 
outsiders queuing for jobs (Gottfries et al., 1999). As we see, many researchers 
examine the distinction between insiders and outsiders and its effect on 
employment, unemployment and other macroeconomic activities. This study will 
investigate whether the insider-outsider model can be applied to the Greek labour 
market reality? Does labour regulation help insiders at the expense of outsiders 
and unemployment remains high particularly among vulnerable groups which are 
not effectively protected? ...
The Impact of Greek Labour Market Regulation on Temporary and Family Employment: Evidence from a New Survey
This paper uses an original dataset for 206 workplaces in Thessaly (Greece), to study 
consequences of Greece’s employment protection law (EPL) and national wage minimum for temporary employment. We find higher temporary employment rates especially among a “grey” market group of workplaces that pay low wages and avoid the national wage minimum. 
A similar factor boosts family employment. We also find that EPL “matters”, in particular, managers who prefer temporary contracts because temps are less protected definitely employ more temps. We discuss whether temporary and family work is a form of escape from regulation for less prosperous firms. ...
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