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Erasmus Policy Statement

T.E.I. of Larissa is committed to promoting the European dimension of Higher Education, in full accordance with the institution’s mission to educate our students as responsible citizens in a democratic country and integrated Europe and ascompetent professionals in the EU labour market. Since 1990 our institution has participated in the implementation of many EU initiatives, such as SOCRATES-Erasmus, TEMPUS, ALPHA, NOW, LEONARDO, with partners from Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Great Britain, Poland, and France. Within the framework of the Lisbon process for a European knowledge-based society and economy, our institution strategy focuses on facilitating the access to and exchange of knowledge and experience for students and the academic and administrative staff through mobility activities, projects and networks. Our strategy comprises the following objectives and priorities:
  • to improve cooperation with European HE institutions and organisations by increasing the number of our partners, especially in the twelve new countries, aiming at raising our students and staff’s intercultural and multicultural awareness.
  • to promote Erasmus, as well as the whole LLP, to our students and academics by disseminating information, with publications, informative events, face-to-face meetings and announcements on the European Programmes Office webpage, particularly emphasising the opportunities offered and the outcomes gained in mobility. Students’ Erasmus study and placement periods abroad are fully recognised through the ECTS system and the Diploma Supplement. Mobility activities of the academics are acknowledged, as well.
  • to reinforce the administrative structures that support the implementation of all LLP activities, and strengthen the role of the European Programmes Office by increasing the number of administrative staff involved and providing opportunities for training to increase motivation.
  • to encourage academics to actively participate in all LLP initiatives, such as IPs networks, etc. by providing assistance at all stages of a project lifecycle through the European Programmes Office and the TEI Education & Research Committee.
  • to improve the facilities that meet the incoming students’ needs by offering counselling and student networking, along with accommodation, full board, health care and access to ICT which are provided so far, in order to prevent xenophobia and racism.
  • to further develop the educational services for the incoming students by organising core courses taught in English at school level, tutoring and work groups with T.E.I.’s regular students, and increasing the Greek language courses, aiming to facilitate their integration in our academic society.
  • to subsidise the implementation of activities with funds from the institution’s budget.
  • to improve quality in the implementation of LLP activities as part of the whole educational process.
In order to increase visibility our institution will widely present LLP activities to the T.E.I. society and the local society, aiming at enhancing social cohesion and the involvement of the local authorities in the implementation of such activities. The Erasmus University Charter and EPS, as well as outcomes, results, good practices and innovative projects will be prominently publicised on the TEI website, and the experience gained will be incorporate in future activities.

The T.E.I. is committed to an equal opportunity policy and all individuals are treated equally regardless of gender, age, disability, colour, race, national origin, socio-economic background, religion or political beliefs. The integration of disabled students and staff is facilitated by providing special services regarding accommodation and teaching.


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